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Spry Body. Spry Life.

Fitness is fun at Spry Senior.

Grab a cup of coffee before or after taking one of our energizing fitness classes. From Tai Chi to yoga to beginner-friendly strength classes, we design our fitness classes for adults age 58 and older.

Our fitness classes are led by expert instructors who can offer modifications for every skill level.

Tai Chi / Meditation

This Chinese martial art incorporates slow gentle movements and physical postures. Participants focus on meditation and controlled breathing. Tai Chi has been known to help pain, stiffness, balance, and physical function as well as psychological health.

Coming this Fall: Cardio Drumming

Cardio drumming combines cardio exercise and drumming to the rhythm of the music in an easy but effective workout. The exercise involves playing rhythms on an exercise ball while doing different movements—all  while listening to upbeat music. The exercise activates many muscles with high-intensity drumming movements.

SilverSneakers Classic

A fun, energizing, award-winning program that combines physical activity with socialization and education, SilverSneakers Classic is a strength-training program designed just for seniors. It’s a low-impact workout designed to build muscle strength and agility, and exercises can be done using a chair for balance.


Ready to sweat a little and smile a lot?

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Mind and Body

Staying spry is about more than physical activity. Our art and music therapy classes are designed to engage your mind for overall well-being.

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Neighborhood Locations

We have three neighborhood locations—all with free and convenient parking.

We also provide door-to-doctor transportation if you need it.

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